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When he doesn't want the baby and she does.

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When he doesn't want the baby and she does.

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:15 am

What are your thoughts on this? When a man finds out that his girl friend, wife etc... is pregnant. He does not want the child but she does. She makes the decision on her own to have an keep the baby when he has urged her to either abort or put the child up for adoption. Now there is a baby, the parents are not together, but the mother wants child support and wants the father to be in the child's life but he adamantly refuses to have anything to do with the child. Here is the debate, should the father still assume responsibility for his child after having expressed his own desires about the pregnancy from the beginning?
Should the mother be expected to care for the child alone since she made the choice alone to keep the child?
If the father does not participate in the child's life, should he still pay child support?
This is posted just for an interesting debate between members, please don't bash or insult others if you don't agree with their responses, lets keep it civilized.

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Re: When he doesn't want the baby and she does.

Post by muitto on Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:43 am

I had a big long response, but pushed the wrong key and it didn't post. So let's respond short and simple. Keep your dick in your pants if you don't want to have a child. Accidents can happen even with protection, but everyone should know it is possible. The choice to stay and help raise the child is just as much of a choice for the father as is keeping the baby for the mother. I do believe though that a man must be obligated to some sort of financial responsibility, no matter what. Sex should be with someone meaningful, so if you didn't want the chance of a child why did you have sex?


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Re: When he doesn't want the baby and she does.

Post by Gk81 on Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:10 am

Oh I agree 100 % If a man doesn't want to support his children then why even have sex? I mean, even if he doesn't want the baby the deed is done and if the mother chooses to keep the child then the father has a responsibility to the baby whether he likes it or not. There used to not be so many options, no morning after pill and abortion was illegal in a lot of areas. If a guy messed up and got a girl pg then he usually had to marry her and step up as a father. What's happened to our society that men care more about putting a notch in their belts and sleeping with as many girls as they can instead of being with someone they love and having a family with her?

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Re: When he doesn't want the baby and she does.

Post by Sponsored content

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